How To: Properly Remove Images from WordPress Pages and Posts

January 30, 2017

Have you ever been in a situation where you deleted an image in the WordPress editor, but the image itself still indicates that it is linked to a page or post? Keep reading if you want to learn how to properly remove images from WordPress pages and posts! Scenario: You’re updating a website or blog through Read More


How To: Customize Your Ribbon and Keyboard Shortcuts in MS Word

January 25, 2017

The Ribbon is the name for that fancy menu you see at the top of your Microsoft Office programs. It lets you easily navigate around the many features that Office has to offer. Did you know that you can customize the ribbon? You can even add some custom keyboard shortcuts while you’re at it. I’m Read More


How To: Set Your Wallpaper and Screensaver to the Best of Bing Wallpaper Pack

January 19, 2017

There’s no denying that Bing has some beautiful wallpapers… but did you know that they have a “Best of Bing” wallpaper pack that you can download and use on your computer? How To Install the “Best of Bing” Wallpaper Pack Head to Bing.com/gallery (or click on the screenshot below). Look over on the left menu. Click Read More


LayerSlider WP Text Not Showing Up?

January 18, 2017

I came across this issue when working with LayerSlider WP Version 5.5.1. Firstly, the option “Enter Preview” you can click on when editing the slider doesn’t actually give you an accurate idea of what the slider will look like on your page. If you’re not super technical, troubleshooting can be a pain. LayerSlider WP text Read More


Xbox One S Review

December 21, 2016

First of all, add my Gamertag. It’s kskaps. Got it? Great! As of my birthday on December 17th, I’ve been the proud owner of an Xbox One S. Before this, I played an Xbox 360 that I bought in 2012. To give you some background: I’m the worst techie in the sense that I have Read More


Going Paperless

December 16, 2016

“Paperless” at itgroove The itgroove office works mostly paperless. That means if you don’t need paper, don’t use it. We actually did a case study on the benefits of a paperless office after we made the official transition a couple years ago, but it was never published. Seriously, if I print anything more than a Read More


CrossBrowserTesting Screenshots for Password Protected Pages Without a Username

November 3, 2016

We use a tool called CrossBrowserTesting here at itgroove to verify that our websites are responsive. They have a Screenshots option where the tool will crawl through your site and take screenshots of it from all your desired resolutions, devices, and browsers. It’s pretty awesome. In some scenarios, we’ve had to password protect some WordPress Read More


Excel for Beginners: Why Use It? + Tips & Tricks

October 17, 2016

This blog post is aimed at Microsoft Excel beginners, and will leave you feeling confident about what Excel is used for, with a few tricks up your sleeve to boot. What is Microsoft Excel? Excel is a program created for spreadsheets which contain data. Data can be numbers or text. Microsoft Excel is the tool Read More


7 of my Current Favourite Websites

August 30, 2016

Hey there! It’s been a little while since I’ve blogged. If you want to know where to find me when I’m not here, you should check out my Twitter as well as the videos I’ve recorded on the itgroove Vimeo channel and the Gallery. To clear the writer’s block and get back into personal blogging, Read More

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