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  • The Castle in the Cloud
    Cloud Computing It has been over a decade since the term "cloud computing" started appearing periodically in conversations about technology. Today the industry consensus is ‚Äúthe future is cloud‚Ä
  • itgroove Wins 2017 Nintex Partner Award for Mobile and Apps
    Victoria, BC - itgroove is pleased to announce it has been named a winner in the 6th Annual Nintex Partner Awards within the Mobile and Apps category. itgroove was recognized for promoting the
  • June 13th 2017 Outlook updates break search indexing
    June 13th 2017 Outlook updates break search indexing I have run into this with a few clients with large PST mailboxes and Outlook 2010 to be specific, but also on Win10 machines with Office 2010.
  • How to Find Out if my Office 365 Storage is in Canada
    Some people who setup their Office 365 accounts back in the day are curious about where there data is being stored. The "Where is my data?" Office 365 interactive data maps are great for showing w
  • Should I Worry about Moving My Data in Office 365 to Canadian Servers?
    Recently someone in asked me about where to store their organization's data. They didn’t understand whether Canadian servers is a thing they really needed to worry about. In an attempt to not drow
  • Thanks Microsoft - 9th MVP Award - Honoured and Humbled
    Honoured and humbled to be presented with my 9th MVP from Microsoft.  Thanks folks. Learn More:
  • Introducing itgroove Studios
    In lieu of a Video Newsletter for May 2017, we created and shared the "Introducing itgroove Studios" video with our friends. For those that missed the video, you can read the message we shared here:
  • What's New at itgroove - June 2017
    Hey Friends, This month we're welcoming a new employee to the team, congratulating Stephanie on her shiny new Office 365 Certification, showing off our newest office space, and sharing our top pic
  • My desk for What's New in Office 365 - June 2017
    As we do every month in our Office 365 and SharePoint User Groups here in Victoria (note as well, as of September 2017 we will be merging these groups into one, Office 365 User Group), we deliver 15 m
  • Technology Initiatives Help BC Citizens Engage with the Political Process
    I'm really proud that our team at itgroove is helping the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia with various projects and initiatives to increase citizen engagement in our province using technolo
  • Custom Intranet Enhancements Allow Site to be Used for Project Management
    When M'akola Development Services first approached itgroove, they were looking for someone to come deliver training on the most effective use of Office 365 for file and information management. I join
  • Rename Device in Azure AD and Intune
    Scenario You joined a device to Azure AD then later on renamed it.  The display name is never updated in Azure AD or Intune.  The resolution?  Change the display name using PowerShell of course!
  • Welcoming D'Arcy Cunningham to the itgroove Team
    itgroove welcomes D'Arcy Cunningham¬†to the Team Victoria, BC ‚Äď itgroove is pleased¬†to announce that a new consultant, D'Arcy Cunningham, has joined itgroove.¬†Since his first day in February, D
  • Introducing itgroove Studios
    Hey Friends, We are proud to introduce itgroove Studios, a new division of itgroove. In this short video, our Managing Consultant, Alec McCauley, explains: How the itgroove Services team is
  • OneNote Online - Can You Spot the Difference?
    Can you spot the difference? I don't go into OneNote Online very often because I keep almost all of my OneNote Notebooks open in the Microsoft OneNote 2016 desktop program. Today we were preparing fo
  • How to enable Guest Folder and File Sharing for Office 365 Group Files
    What For SharePoint Online Site Collections, enabling anonymous ("anyone" or "guest") links for a site collection is really straightforward in the "manage site collections" section of Office 365 Admi
  • How to Sort Pages Alphabetically in OneNote
    Question:  "Is there a way to sort pages within a section in a Microsoft OneNote Notebook other than manually dragging and dropping?" Use Case: A person has one OneNote Notebook to store recipes
  • What is Onetastic for OneNote and Why Should I Care?
    What is Onetastic for OneNote? Onetastic for OneNote is a multi-purpose add-in for Microsoft OneNote. It has been around for over five years (November 2011) and is extremely popular among Micros
  • Quick Tip for OneNote Sync Issues on an Android Phone
    Situation: My technology-literate friend was working with a OneNote Notebook stored in her work OneDrive for Business. She was using a PC laptop with OneNote 2016 and an Android (Samsung Galaxy) p
  • New Client Story - NorthwesTel
    itgroove is happy to announce a new Client Story created in collaboration with NorthwesTel, a northern Canadian leader in advanced communications and entertainment solutions, delivering a broad range
  • Offline Mobile Electronic Forms Empower the Canadian North
    Situation: The field technicians at NorthwesTel are responsible for setting up and servicing Internet, TV, and phone services to clients in various communities. Filling out hand-written, paper-based
  • Limit, Prevent and Manage Office 365 Group Creation
    Prevent Users from creating Office 365 Groups - OPTION1 Follow the link and for step 1 "Do not add users to the security group" This will disallow All users from being able to create Office 365 Gro
  • What it is we do here at itgroove - now in technicolor!
    So often it seems, folks are confused with what it is we do here at itgroove.  Sometimes you need to say it clearly with some zesty colours.  So that's what we are doing this week. [caption id="a
  • Organizing Pages in a Section in Microsoft OneNote
    When you start to use Microsoft OneNote to store all of your notes, the number of pages in a Notebook can become overwhelming. Visual clutter has a negative effect on my brain. I compare it to hav
  • Word Online - New Button Allow End Users to Exit Documents with Ease
    I was looking a document stored in SharePoint using Word Online this morning and spotted a button I had not noticed before. The Exit button is tucked between the Print and Share buttons on the far
  • How to Use Microsoft Planner to Organize Individual Tasks
    I explain how Microsoft Planner is a useful tool for a group to work together as a team in a¬†previous post, "What is Microsoft Planner Used For?" I pointed out at the end of the post that my post¬
  • What is Microsoft Planner Used For?
    My Windows Insider friend asked me another question that I wanted to share: "What kind of planning is Microsoft Planner used for?" Short answer: Many things, but mostly work that involves a group o
  • Is Everything in Microsoft Office 365 Stored in Canadian Data Centres?
    I was recently asked a question by a Canadian Windows Insider who wanted to know "Is Microsoft Office 365 fully available on Canadian servers now?" (IMO - the things that matter in Office 365 a
  • How to Fix the Broken Filter Pane in SharePoint Online
    (Quick Fix Answer: Clear the Browsing Data manually.) What Happened: I broke the Broken Filter Pane in SharePoint Online. I was resizing the Filter Pane and when dragging it to the right of the s
  • What's New at itgroove - April 2017
    Hey Friends, This month we're stoked to announce that itgroove is now a Microsoft Silver Partner for Cloud Productivity Solutions!   And Alec has been on the road joining other influential
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