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  • The Basics of React & Redux [DIAGRAM]
    Redux Redux is a "predictable state container for JavaScript apps". With Redux, the state of your entire application is stored in a "store", which is a single object tree. This allows the developer
  • How Yammer Benefits Our Team
    Yammer is a great tool for our team and company because it has greatly improved our office communication. Using Yammer, we have not only made communication more efficient and timely, but also signific
  • State of the Union: Modern SharePoint and SharePoint Conference 2018 [Slideshow]
    Did you know that 70% of SharePoint usage today is in SharePoint Online? This slide deck featuring announcements from the SharePoint Conference 2018 will catch you up on the latest SharePoint news, in
  • 3 Helpful Tips to Get the Most out of Office 365
    Office 365 is Ever Changing, Ever Growing and Always Offering More Some days in the Office 365 portal, I see buttons or features that were not there the previous day.  One day, I swear I saw a new l
  • How OneNote Page Version History Affects OneDrive Storage
    Microsoft's free email, Outlook.com, comes with 5 GB of free storage in the OneDrive. I am currently using 20 GB of my allotted 30 GB and was curious what was taking up so much space. (I am a luck
  • First Impressions of What's New in the Windows 10 April 2018 Update
    Windows 10 April 2018 Update I installed the Windows 10 April 2018 Update today. The update took less than 10 minutes. Here are my first impressions. Out of the six new features, I prioritize them i
  • Why SharePoint?
    As a newbie to the Microsoft Office 365 tool set, I am learning many things from itgroove's founder Sean Wallbridge and the other consultants who work here. One of the Office 365 tools that I find s
  • The Masthead Live Virtual Event
    itgroove Studios held the Masthead Live Virtual Event to connect with people who want to learn more about SharePoint and how Masthead can help drive adoption of Office 365 Groups and Modern SharePoint
  • Global Navigation in SharePoint Online
    This blog post examines the different options for creating Global Navigation in SharePoint Online. Global Navigation refers to navigation menus that span across multiple site collections. Managed Nav
  • What's New at itgroove - May 2018
    Here are the latest stories from itgroove for May 2018: If you're looking for a way to make SharePoint feel like home without an expensive branding exercise, watch the Masthead Virtual Even
  • 10 Random Useful Online Tools
    These don't really fit into a specific category like images and graphics or building websites resources, but I find myself pulling them out of my back pocket once in a while to complete a random task:
  • Office 365: Some Helpful Tips
    Ever Changing, Ever Growing and Always Offering More Some days in the Office 365 portal I see buttons or features that were not there the previous day. One day I swear I saw a new link appear right b
  • Interior Design: SharePoint Framework and Sass
    The SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is a great tool for hooking into SharePoint in a modern, understandable way. Creating a custom webpart is simple, and styling it is done in an extremely modular fashion
  • Six Free Useful Tools When Working with Websites
    When working on websites, these are a few tools I like to keep in my toolkit: Internet Archive Wayback Machine - when you need a little time travel in your life. Website Crawler Tool and Googl
  • SharePoint Conference NA Keynote Summary (May Virtual Event 2018)
    This morning was Microsoft’s May Virtual event (the third annual such event), and this year it was broadcast live from the SharePoint Conference Keynote in Las Vegas. Below is a summary of the annou
  • The Little Widget That Could: Building Office Add-Ins
    What are Microsoft Office Add-Ins? A little context before we get started. Office Add-Ins are lightweight web applications that are meant to extend or add to the functionality of office products. The
  • Top Three Paid Online Image and Icon Collections
    These are my top three website that I visit when I when I have a few dollars in the budget for a special project to spend, I want to find stunning, creative, royalty-free stock photos and sharp, cle
  • Quick Video Tip - How to use Quick Parts in Outlook 2016
    I've shared this so many times in person to great excitement by others that I thought I'd take a second to make a video of it. Enjoy.
  • Four Favourite Free Online Image and Icon Collections
    These are my go-to four favourite online website that I visit when I am looking for an image, graphic, or icon to use when writing a blog posts or teaching a class: Four Fave Free Options: Pix
  • Free Access to Thousands of Online Courses with GVPL Card
    Did you know that you have access to thousands of top quality online courses for free with your Greater Victoria Public Library (GVPL) card? Public Library cardholders in Victoria, British Columbia
  • Top Six Best Random Text Generators
    I'm grateful Microsoft changed the random text up and we don't have to stare at paragraphs of "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" anymore. I do like that the sample text that is insert
  • Hub Sites in Modern SharePoint [Video]
    Last month at the Victoria Office 365 Users Group, Alec McCauley and I shared our experiences so far with SharePoint Online's brand new Hub Sites. Are you curious to know more about what Hub Sites are
  • My Strategy to Switch from OneNote 2016 to OneNote for Windows 10
    This post is inspired by an inspiring tweet from Craig McBain (@CVSTech) where he shared a big step he took recently to use OneNote 2016 less, and the OneNote for Windows 10 App more. What He Did
  • Using a SharePoint Framework Extension with Classic SharePoint
    We’re coming up on a year since Microsoft first released the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) to the general public and it’s starting to pop-up in a lot of people’s main tenancies. The framework, tog
  • Make-A-Wish National Volunteer Spirit Award
    I'm pretty proud of Wendy and I being recognized by the Make-A-Wish Foundation's BC & Yukon chapter this year.  We love doing this and do it simply because it brings us joy.
  • April 2018 Office 365 What's New Slide Deck
    This is the slide deck for my April 2018 "What's new in Office 365" presentation at the Victoria Office 365 User Group. Looking forward to seeing everyone today. Office 365 what's new april 201
  • List of SharePoint Resources
    I was recently asked by a fellow Victoria Office 365 Users Group member: "Can you recommend a forum where I can go for questions in regard to SharePoint functionality?" My response was:  Whe
  • Using the OneNote Outlook Meeting Details Feature in a Teams OneNote Notebook
    I was delighted to be invited to be part of a Q&A session with my  friends and fellow techies Heather Severino and Alec McCauley, organized by Jared DeCamp, as part of his Learn Teams Conference
  • OneNote Customized Inking Pens Travel With You Across Devices and Office Programs
    Opened up OneNote for Windows 10 as I found some fun new bullet journal inspiration on Pinterest that I wanted to try my hand at duplicating using the OneNote Inking pens. To my delight there was a ne
  • What's New at itgroove - March 2018
    This Spring, we've been involved with a number of tech events... itgroove's Managing Consultant, Alec McCauley, spoke at SQL Saturday in Victoria on March 3rd. For future events, head over to the
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