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  • How to Ensure Images in Email Messages Are Automatically Visible in Outlook 2016
    Tired of looking at a sea of red x 's and boxes in an email when you should be looking at a beautiful logo or photo or graphic? It's not the senders fault. You have to tell Outlook that you trus
  • How to Stop Calendar Events in Emails from Automatically Opening in the Windows 10 App
    I've been running into this weird glitch where whenever I open a meeting or event invitation in an email to add it to my calendar, it opens in the Mail App opens instead of Outlook 2016. #annoying
  • Link to a Specific Paragraph in OneNote App for Windows 10
    The ability to create a link to a specific paragraph on a page in OneNote continues to be one of my favourite features in OneNote 2016.  I  first shared my enthusiasm in a blog post called "Microsof
  • How to Hide Navigation in OneNote Online
    On February 3, my friend and Windows Insider MVP Joel Rushworth was a guest on the Tech Talk with Alan Perry  radio show on CFAX 1070. One thing I love about this show is that they use OneNote to ma
  • Trello vs Planner presentation - January 2018 Victoria Office 365 User group
    Well, I went long on this one. The plan was to be 30 minutes and I clocked in at 57 minutes but I guess I was excited about the content ... or just crazy. 🙂 Here's the overview of what was present
  • Flow for the Win - Meet the Plank Light
    What We've always sprinkled a little fun and creativity in our office tech.  And thanks in part to some inspiration from my friend Tom Hudock who challenged several of us dads to a "thriving fathers
  • What's New at itgroove - November 2017
    Can you believe that December is here already? Keep reading if you'd like to catch up with what itgroove did in the month of November... We've been working with the Strathcona Regional District o
  • How to Use OneNote to Achieve Inbox Zero
    Nothing makes me crankier than an inbox full of emails sitting there nagging at me to attend to them. In the near future I will be sharing a more detailed version of the story of how I change my outlo
  • Lunch & Learn with ThinkTel and itgroove
    itgroove is partnering with our friends at ThinkTel to bring you an interactive & informative Lunch and Learn on November 30th at Fort Tectoria in Victoria, BC. We’ll show you how you can modern
  • What's New at itgroove - October 2017
    We hope you had a great October. Here's what's new with us... We're continuing to help the City of Victoria with their Office 365 migration. Most recently, we built an app for them in Microsoft W
  • Android Phone Users Can Add and Edit Contacts in Outlook App
    Well it took a long time, but the feature I've been wishing for over two years is finally here. Android phone users can finally add new contacts and edit existing contacts in the Outlook App withou
  • Our Presentation for the Office 365 User Group - October 2017
    Delivered monthly at the Victoria Office 365 User Group, this is the October 2017 installment of "What's New in Office 365", in this case a special "What we learned at Microsoft Ignite 2017", delivere
  • How to get a Trello Member ID
    I couldn't find this information anywhere useful or in a clear manner, so I'm sharing what I found. What I was creating a Microsoft Flow where I wanted the results from a Microsoft Forms submission
  • What's New at itgroove - September 2017
    In this month's newsletter, we're looking back at the month of September. We worked with the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia to launch a new member of the Legislature's family of web too
  • How to Pass Parameters into a PowerApp
    I was recently trying to replicate some functionality I'm used to with InfoPath, but this time using a PowerApp. I was looking for a way to get parameters from outside into a PowerApp, and surprisingl
  • My presentation from the September 2017 Office 365 User Group
    Delivered monthly at the Victoria Office 365 User Group, this is the September 2017 installment of "What's New in Office 365", delivered by yours truly. Learn more:
  • How to Remove Ads from
    Many of us know that by signing up for Outlook Email at, you get access to free personal email. (This email address can be or Want help setting this up? Rea
  • What's New at itgroove - August 2017
    This summer, we sponsored the iWIST (Island Women in Science and Technology) Geeky Girls Patio Party - a networking event for women in STEM fields. We care about making space for women in male-domin
  • Tips for Setting Up an Email to Access Free Web-Based Productivity Tools
    If you have been thinking about setting up a free personal email, here's some simple steps: Go to Click on "Sign up" or "Create account". You have the option to scrol
  • Checklist to Setup a Laptop - Top 12 Setup Tips
    I received an amazing parting gift from itgroove to thank me for my four years of service  - they gave me my Surface Pro 3 device. (I know!) They kindly formatted the machine so I'd have a fre
  • How to Create a GIF using TechSmith Snagit 13 Editor
    GIFs are the new emoticons. While most people thing of GIFs as funny memes that are often used to visually explain an emotion. Check out GIPHY to see what I'm talking about Willis. For example,
  • Technology Troubleshooting 101
    Thank science for the internet. Temporarily felt the pain of not being surrounded by a team of brilliant IT techs to jump to my aid and solve my technology challenges instantly... ... after 10 m
  • SharePoint Libraries NOT syncing after OneDrive for Business upgrade
    What? You just upgraded your OneDrive for Business client to the latest version.  Nice!  But now when you try to sync your pre-existing SharePoint libraries you can't.  Sad face...  And you get t
  • New MCSA : Office 365 Designation
    I recently added a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate for Office 365 certification to my designations after passing two Microsoft Cloud exams. I’m now certified in Managing Office 365 Identitie
  • Using JSLink to Build a Project Registry
    What We Did I was recently involved in building a Project Registry solution to help a local registered charity with managing their multiple cross-department projects. The Craigdarroch Castle Historic
  • What's New at itgroove - July 2017
    Hey Friends, This month we are proud to announce that we won the 2017 Nintex Partner Award for Mobile Apps in North America for an electronic forms solution that we built for NorthwesTel. We are
  • Microsoft Stream - The Video Evolution
    I put together a presentation on the new Microsoft Stream App in Office 365, and presented it on Aug 8, 2017 at the Sydney Office 365 User Group in Sydney, Australia.  Feel free to check it out and l
  • Microsoft Forms 101
    I recently put together a presentation on the new Microsoft Forms solution that came out in Office 365 (in public preview).  I've presented the below presentation at the Sydney (Australia) SharePoint
  • 9 Months of Fun with SharePoint in Azure and Office 365
    I recently put together a presentation on my experience in New York / New Jersey over the course of a 9 (or maybe 10) month project trying to migrate SharePoint data from one company to another, and t
  • Finding the Right Project Management Tool When You’re Spoiled for Choice
    I was involved in helping an itgroove client with choosing the best project management tool to help manage the growing list of projects in their portfolio. The Craigdarroch Castle Historical Museum So
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