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Changing the primary email address of an Office Group in 365

February 7, 2017


Renaming an Office 365 Group is simple if all you want to change is its display name. However, if you want to free up the email address it used (in our case, Office 365 Groups are neat and all, but the mailbox functionality is extremely limited – you can’t move messages, archive them, categorize them … truly almost completely useless).

So What

Again, renaming the Group is easy in the Admin Web Pages of Office 365. But if you need to rename the email address/alias it uses, you’ll need some PowerShell and hit up:

  •  The Primary Address (primarySMTPAddress)
  • The Email Aliases it uses (emailaddresses)

Now What

I’m not going to go into all the detail of how to connect and authenticate to Exchange Online as there is lots of stuff out there, I’m just going to point out what you’ll want to be changing and checking…


To Check Where The Email Alias (Proxy) is right now…

Let’s assume for this exercise that was pointed to an Outlook Group and you decided that using a group wasn’t a fit (such as the example above) and instead that you wanted to reclaim that alias for a Shared Mailbox (in our case, we couldn’t just delete the old group as it had stuff we wanted to keep in it).

Get-Recipient | where {$_.EmailAddresses -match “”} | fL Name, RecipientType,emailaddresses

To Change the Group (called “Our Beers”) Primary Address to “”

Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity “Our Beers” -PrimarySmtpAddress “”

To Change the Group (called “Our Beers”) Alias to “”

Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity “Our Beers” -alias “”

To Remove “” from the Group as a proxy/alias

set-unifiedgroup “Our Beers” -emailaddresses @{remove=””}

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  1. Bryan Antepara says:

    What about changing the domain names for ALL of the groups at the same time?

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