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September 17, 2016


My name’s Noel Feliciano – a developer and consultant for itgroove. It’s been a wild ride in my few months here so far, with an off-the-charts busymeter, interesting and inappropriate party games, and more jujubes than I’ve had in my life. My focus here is to bring in a developer’s perspective: integrating our low-code, no-code lifestyle to a more dev-focused process, making sure our code is clean and happily in source control (watch for my second blog about this coming soon!), and of course, development.

As a dev in an office so heavily entrenched in Microsoft’s stuff, it makes me very happy to see their work towards becoming more developer-friendly, what with their amazing tools , full-featured languages and frameworks, and their embracement of open-source. Look out for these topics to be featured in this blog, alongside some writeups or walkthroughs on many other things code-related.

And with that, I thank you for visiting my blog. I’m looking forward to updating this with my thoughts and the things I learn. Come find me on TwitterLinkedIn, or my personal GitHub.


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Noel Feliciano

Noel Feliciano


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