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Search Outlook Without Yammer

January 21, 2016

Thought I’d share a little pro tip today that I showed my colleague Kelly and she thought was quite useful.

If you use Yammer, you undoubtedly get email notifications. I do my best to turn them all off but they still come for certain groups or features I’ve missed. Or maybe you like getting 10,000 messages a day informing you that somebody has done something.

When I go to search my email for a person (lets say Kelly) I wind up getting all the Yammer notifications that she’s been mentioned in. While this is sometimes desirable more often than not I’m on the hunt for that email she sent me a couple months ago with an attachment.

When you do your search for “Kelly” or even better from:”Kelly” to only search the From field, add –yammer to the end to take away any messages that contain Yammer (of course this might be bad if the message you want contains Yammer).

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Alec McCauley

Alec McCauley

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