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How to Sort Pages Alphabetically in OneNote

May 31, 2017


Is there a way to sort pages within a section in a Microsoft OneNote Notebook other than manually dragging and dropping?”

Use Case: A person has one OneNote Notebook to store recipes. Every page is a recipe. They sort their recipes alphabetically from A to Z. When they add new recipes to the Recipes Notebook (by scanning in recipes or using the Clip to OneNote tool in the browser), the new pages are added to the bottom of the list of pages in the section. They are often creating a half dozen new pages at a time. They want to able to quickly re-sort the pages with one-click, instead of having to drag and drop the pages which can mean scrolling through a massive list of pages to find the correct location.


If you are using OneNote 2016:

There is not a button to sort pages in a section alphabetically “out of the box”. I have also not come up with a ‘creative workaround’ either.

[If you have a creative workaround, please share it in the Comments below. I’ll add it as an update to this blog post and give you full credit!]

However, if you download and install a third party tool called Onetastic for OneNote, you can then install a Sort Pages macro that allows you to sort pages in a section in ascending or descending order.

Pro Tip: If your OneNote Notebook has password-protected sections, unlock the section before running the Macro or OneNote 2016 may crash. I found this out the hard way and hope this tip can help you avoid that grief.

For more information, please read: “What is Onetastic for OneNote and Why Should I Care?“.


If you are using OneNote for Windows 10 (Universal App):

There is not a one-click “Sort A-Z” button for Notebooks, Sections, or Pages at this time.

Tangent: There was a February 2017 update that allows you to sort your notebooks using drag and drop to reorder them.

The OneNote Windows 10 Universal App is regularly updated with new features.

I recommend you check back to the “What’s new in OneNote for Windows 10 – Office Support” every month to see if a one-click Sort pages feature is added.

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