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The Oh! 365, eh? Blog:

The Oh! is a playful dig at the author’s habit of exclaiming out loud upon discover something new or exciting.

The 365 is a nod to Microsoft Office 365 as well as the author’s year-round use of technology.

The eh? is a shout out to the author’s fondness for punctuating her sentences with that oh so Canadian word, as a method for inciting a reply.


The Oh! 365, eh? Blog Author:

Kelly is an excitable Canadian nerd and Microsoft fan girl who loves sharing her opinion on all things tech, along the occasional rant. When she’s not turned up to eleven over the latest feature in Microsoft OneNote, she’s hyping tips and tricks she discovers as an Microsoft Office 365 power user.


Kelly Christina Marshall
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada #yyj
Interests: Digital Arts, Photography, Rock Climbing, Roller Coasters, World Traveller.
Recent news: Engaged to my fiancée, Rick, in August 2016.

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Business Development Manager and Consultant
Email: kmarshall@itgroove.net  |  Phone: 250-220-4575  |  Website: www.itgroove.net
LinkedIn: KellyCMarshall |  Twitter: @itgroove_kelly |  Blog: oh365eh

Microsoft MVP – OneNote – since 2014 – MVP Profile.
Area of Specialization: OneNote.
Areas of Interest: Yammer, Office 365, SharePoint.


You can learn more about Kelly by reading the blog posts in the About Me category in this blog.

Kelly Marshall

Kelly Marshall

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