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Intune Multi-Account Console – The Plain Truth

June 8, 2016

The Scenario

At some point our Intune Admin portal was configured to use the Multi-Account console. This enabled the ability for us to view “multiple client accounts” that we managed. Recently I was tasked with removing those client accounts from our Intune Admin portal. Seems a simple enough task eh?


What did I do?

Well I set out to review the Intune portal for a means to disable showing these clients. No luck there. I scavenged the Office 365 Admin portal. Still no luck. I happened upon the Partner portal and it seemed a promising place to “hide or remove” our clients from our Intune portal but, alas NOPE.

So I did the last resort and opened a support ticket with MS Cloud Services.

The first technician told me I needed to remove all the clients showing up in Intune as Partner Relations. Well I didn’t want to do that of course. Then he ultimately sent me a PowerShell script to run against OUR tenancy to solve the issue. When I reviewed the script the contents would have nuked all of our user accounts from existence had I chose to run it!! Fun times. So I had the case Escalated to say the least.

The next technician claimed a theory that for every client that we had delegated admin for they would appear in the Intune Admin portal. I half liked this theory but we only had 10 of 51 clients showing up so “Poof!” next theory please.

What did it come down to?

In the end the straight goods is that for every client that you are delegated admin for that also has Intune licenses they will appear in YOUR Intune Admin portal.

There is NO way to hide them or filter them from view. The only way to remove them from your Intune Multi-Account console is to sever your delegated admin with them.

Interestingly enough however, not all of our clients with Intune Licenses appeared in our Intune Admin portal so I am not convinced the final theory is really the straight goods. MS Cloud services had no theories on this last issue.

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