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Rename Device in Azure AD and Intune

June 7, 2017


You joined a device to Azure AD then later on renamed it.  The display name is never updated in Azure AD or Intune.  The resolution?  Change the display name using PowerShell of course!


  • If you don’t already have it get the Azure AD PowerShell module here
  • Once the module is installed open PowerShell and connect to Azure AD:

$credential = Get-credential

Connect-AzureAD -Credential $credential

  • Once connected get the objectID of the device you need to update:

Get-AzureADDevice (this will display a list of all Azure joined devices and their objectID’s)

  • Using the objectID of the device you wish to update type the following:

Set-AzureADDevice -objectID “objectID of device” -displayname “new display name”

  • Confirm changes made in Azure AD and Intune
  • Confirm via powershell

Get-AzureADDevice -objectID “objectID of device”



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Stephanie Kahlam

Stephanie Kahlam


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