Why SharePoint?

It took me a few months to understand what SharePoint is. Is it a website, or is it a storage platform? The interface makes it hard to decipher, as it has both of those components. Eventually, I settled on the following points to help me define SharePoint.

Global Navigation in SharePoint Online

This blog post examines the different options for creating Global Navigation in SharePoint Online. Global Navigation refers to navigation menus that span across multiple site collections.

Interior Design: SharePoint Framework and Sass

The SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is a great tool for hooking into SharePoint in a modern, understandable way. Creating a custom webpart is simple, and styling it is done in an extremely modular fashion. This is because SPFx solutions are integrated into a page’s DOM, which is great for removing restrictions.

SharePoint Conference NA Keynote Summary (May Virtual Event 2018)

This morning was Microsoft’s May Virtual event (the third annual such event), and this year it was broadcast live from the SharePoint Conference Keynote in Las Vegas.
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