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Welcoming D’Arcy Cunningham to the itgroove Team

June 5, 2017

itgroove welcomes D’Arcy Cunningham to the Team

Victoria, BC – itgroove is pleased to announce that a new consultant, D’Arcy Cunningham, has joined itgroove. Since his first day in February, D’Arcy has been a welcome addition to the team.

D’Arcy Cunningham is a software developer with nearly a decade of experience in Microsoft’s SharePoint platform. He has an analytical and creative mind, which he has put to use improving and automating business processes for major companies in nearly every sector of the economy – from education and energy to healthcare and municipal governance.

D’Arcy enjoys working directly with end users, clients, and business stakeholders to make sure that the solutions he builds meet the needs of everyone involved in the project. He takes pride in his work and is always willing to put in the hours to deliver high quality results. His experience with different SharePoint projects and proven record of architecting SharePoint applications allows him to apply real world solutions to challenges that go beyond standard design patterns.

D’Arcy has created build engines for full server farms, scripted upgrades, migrations and server administration work. He also performs business and technical analysis, and has developed custom forms, workflows, custom search crawlers, automated document generation for PDFs, as well as the suite of Office file types.

To learn more about D’Arcy, check out D’Arcy’s itgroove Team Page.

For more information, visit itgroove online at www.itgroove.net or call 250.220.4575.

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