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Create a Template in OneNote

March 11, 2016

We’ve been making a lot of these bite-sized videos lately, and I always plan what I’m going to say beforehand in OneNote.

Something that has really made a difference in how efficiently I spend my time making these is the ability to create your own template in OneNote. I saved a custom template for an Adobe Voice Script, and it’s what I use whenever I need to plan a video.

I really see this feature as something that would be useful to a lot of people, so I had to share.

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  1. Labelle says:

    Great feature of OneNote indeed.
    One additional trick is to use “set image as background” (an image may be a table, a set of vertical/horizontal lignes or whatever) to customize your template.
    This way, it’s possible to set your own template as a meeting minute sheet for instance.
    Watch out https://wordpress.com/post/onenote2016.wordpress.com/131 for a quick overview [in French].

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Karin Skapski

Karin Skapski

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