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How To: Create a Full Width Hero Web Part in a SharePoint Online Communication Site

November 2, 2017

Are you having trouble when you try to create a full width Hero Web Part in a SharePoint Communication Site? Don’t worry, you don’t have to create a brand new Communication Site to get it back.   This might be the scenario: Gee, those new Communication Sites in SharePoint look swell… check out that full Read More

How To: Change the Color in the Sharepoint Online Modern Experience

April 14, 2017

2018 Note: A lot has changed in the SharePoint Online modern experience since I wrote this post a year ago. Though some of this information may still help you, there are now better ways to brand modern sites; this post by Corrie Haffly is a great resource, as well as this video from Yaroslav Pentsarskyy. I’d love if Read More

Karin Skapski

Karin Skapski

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