SharePoint Centered Layout in Wiki Pages

July 26, 2015

In a recent project, we were working with a customer who was using a fixed width centered design in their corporate intranet (using the Publishing feature’s “/Pages” library and the Site Master Page), but the System Pages of the site were still full width. Since wiki libraries use the System Master Page, they were full Read More

3 Ways to Improve SharePoint Quick Launch Style

July 24, 2015

In our last couple of SharePoint branding projects here at itgroove, we’ve added a little bit of sparkle to SharePoint’s left navigation, or “Quick Launch”. Here’s how we added some style with a bit of CSS and jQuery. First, we wanted each site’s OneNote Notebook to pop, as it’s different from a list, library or Read More

Branding SharePoint (Presentation)

July 21, 2015

Branding SharePoint – Peeling the Onion from itgroove Professional Services

Detecting Edit Mode with JavaScript / CSS

July 16, 2015

One challenge we often need to overcome working with Publishing mode in SharePoint is quickly and effectively knowing if a page is in edit mode. This lets us apply different CSS styles or quite often disable functionality that is not needed in Edit Mode. (Especially surrounding Responsive Design). While SharePoint gives some great MasterPage level Read More

SharePoint Web Part Style

June 27, 2015

Looking to add a bit of sass to your web parts? With this bit of jQuery and CSS, we’ll take control of the display of SharePoint web parts and their titles and icons. Here’s an example: In the script below, we’ll target the icon <img> that SharePoint allows you to set via the Web Part Read More

The Little JavaScript Gifts from SharePoint

June 5, 2015

Ever needed to quickly figure out what web application you are in using JavaScript? Or get the site collection URL? SharePoint has a fantastic somewhat little know JavaScript object declared in the MasterPage. _spPageContextInfo This object contains a ton of useful contextual information that can be accessed simply by referencing it: <script type=”text/javascript”> var loginName Read More

JSLink Working with URLs in SharePoint Lists

February 26, 2015

About a month or so ago we were working on a client project with the requirement to create a mechanism for displaying links to URLs that were too long for hyperlink column in a SharePoint Links List (that column has a 255 character max). The solution was fairly straightforward. We used JSLink to create a Read More

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