Operation ‘Ho Ho Ho’ – Mission Accomplished

December 1, 2019

We did it. It wasn’t easy, not everyone yet gets it but we’re here and there is no going back. And zero regrets. Regroove set out at the start of this year with a strategy of completing the shift to a CloudFirst company with the payoff being closing for Christmas. From babysitting to making a Read More

Navo for the win! Pointing your team to the tools they need, and not the tools they don’t…

November 26, 2019

While Navo has provided managed/secured links for your company Intranet within/without for some time now (over a year!), an update that we released today prompted me to demonstrate a use case of how valuable this is … across all the platforms that Navo supports (today and tomorrow). So, what was the update? It wasn’t a Read More

Family-friendly condos near DisneyWorld

November 23, 2019

A lot of my friends and colleagues will already know that I’m a big fan of Disney and Pixar (in fact, much of what we’ve modeled our app/brand incubation service at Regroove ‘Studios‘ location is heavily influenced by Pixar and my research into their culture).  I really admire how they execute their brand, their approach, Read More

Navo How To – Adding Navo to the Office 365 App Launcher

November 22, 2019

Introduction If your organization wants to have Navo in the Office 365 App Launcher, all of the information you would need is provided below, including an icon we host for it (organizations can always choose their own). Note, at this time, we cannot force icons in the App Launcher to be ordered or driven by Read More

Three Pillars of Collaboration with Sherman Woo

November 16, 2019

I’ve always loved Sherman’s style.  He’s Captain Casual with charm that goes for miles.  So much so that he can even be forgiven for being a Canucks fan (and that’s a BIG stretch for me). The other day (November 14) for those of you keeping score, Sherman delivered a message in Victoria that we’ve been Read More

Navo How To – Adding a new item to your Navigation

November 13, 2019

Adding a new item (resource, bookmark, shortcut, whatever term you prefer) is very easy in Navo. This video briefly demonstrates taking the URL of a rich SharePoint page providing company location details and making it easily discoverable in Navo. This item then becomes immediately available across your organization (or it can be secured to a Read More

A simple fix for when Microsoft Teams (Windows 10 Client) goes wonky

November 6, 2019

WHAT My Microsoft Teams client on Windows 10 looked like this last night. I rebooted, applied updates, cleared browser cache, crashed the app. Nothing I did would fix it. I went to bed thinking maybe something was down and it would be fine in the morning. Nope. Woke up today and no change. I then Read More

Navo – Microsoft Teams Private Channels mean more SharePoint Sites

November 5, 2019

So Microsoft Teams “Private Channels” is pretty much here. From what I can tell, it means that we might create less teams going forward, but ultimately then more SharePoint Sites. That’s cool (okay, maybe not cool but fine…). But the fact remains, with more SharePoint sites, how the heck do we get around and find Read More

Outlook on the Web

RIP Outlook – Hello Outlook on the Web … as an App

October 31, 2019

I’ve been on a bit of a quest lately to help rip Outlook (the software … you know, 2016, etc.) out of users hands. It is what they know and think they need … but they don’t, and it is inferior. Outlook on the Web is where all the action is happening, no OST, less Read More


September 1, 2019

Hey friends. I was searching for the right word to describe where I’m at these days as I reflect on the summer. I’m writing this at a Brown’s Social House in Nanaimo (softball tourney this weekend). And it came to me. “Re-Bourne” … And if there is to be a movie, Matt Damon needs to Read More

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