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Fixing – The server block is not well formed

November 9, 2010

Ran into this the other day. The fix was easy but the cause was curious.



An error occurred during the processing of /corporate/CorporateDocuments/Forms/AllItems.aspx. The server block is not well formed.



The Reason

While I’m sure a number of scenarios can create this situation, in my case it was a matter of saving a PowerPoint Slideshow to the URL of the document library (and mistyping the address) – i.e. via WebDAV, PowerPoint thwacked the allitems.aspx page. It shouldn’t have been allowed to do that, but ultimately, I did it.


The Fix

Load your site in SharePoint Designer and find the file in question, for the library impacted. You should find that the file has a blue “!” icon next to it, indicating it has been modified/customized/unghosted. Right click and choose Reset to Site Definition and you should be back in business.



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  1. jayesh buch says:

    You were spot on
    Saved a bit of embarrassment for a newbe

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