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OneNote Goodies. So nice, needs to be said twice.

August 2, 2013

The Microsoft OneNote Team has already blogged about all the features in the new OneNote “Onetastic” add-on created by one of the team’s devs (right on Omer!) and they chat it up here: http://blogs.office.com/b/microsoft-onenote/archive/2013/08/01/try-the-onetastic-add-in-to-bring-tons-of-new-features-to-onenote.aspx

That said, I wanted to help spread the word as there is some good stuff in there (Jeff tipped me off).  You can get Onetastic here: http://omeratay.com/onetastic/

The highlights for me are:

  • Viewing OneNote Pages as calendar entries
  • Pinning Favourites (already have a few)
  • Image Crop (Seriously, why isn’t this built in?)

Next up are Macro’s.  Haven’t found a problem for this solution yet, but I will… Winking smile


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