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How to get a Trello Member ID

October 21, 2017

I couldn’t find this information anywhere useful or in a clear manner, so I’m sharing what I found.


I was creating a Microsoft Flow where I wanted the results from a Microsoft Forms submission to be turned into a Trello card. That part was simple, the hard part was assigning the Member ID (i.e. I wanted the card to be assigned to a person).

So What

There was nothing in Flow to indicate what it was looking for and the error output wasn’t helpful at all. I tried the UPN/Email address the member used, I tried the member name but none of that worked. It was clear it was looking for an “ID” but I couldn’t find such a thing anywhere.

Now What

I found a way in the Trello API to get it to spit out the members details and sure enough the first part it spat out was a unique ID, and sure enough this is indeed what it was looking for. Pretty simple when I found it, but it wasn’t obvious at all, at first.

You will want to go to this URL and replace the last part with the Membername of the user: https://api.trello.com/1/members/JoeBlow

This will spit out something similar to the following, and the highlighted bit is the Member ID you are looking for.

“bio”:””,”bioData”:null,”confirmed”:true,”fullName”:”Joe Blow”,”idPremOrgsAdmin”:null,”initials”:


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