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Hi, My name is Sean Wallbridge and I’ll be your Victoria SharePoint Tour Guide Bob Ross of SharePoint.

Sean Wallbridge, President and Principal Consultant of itgroove Professional Services Ltd, is a 10 time SharePoint MVP and Evangelist from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Sean likes to characterize himself as a “SharePoint Jedi” (there are no experts, just those who continue to explore the enormous ways of the SharePoint force) and there is no better way to describe Sean’s enthusiasm for SharePoint!

Sean and itgroove specialize in bringing a rich, professional SharePoint experience to the small and mid-size companies that form the backbone of business in British Columbia and Canada. In addition to being a SharePoint MVP, Sean has an extensive background in the Windows world and carries many certifications including CISSP, MCSE, MCT and MCSA. Sean has lived and worked internationally (Bermuda) and still carries on an international consulting practice from his base at itgroove in Victoria.Sean recently bought a MacBook and is learning to live with it as well…

About Me

I’m 45 years old (so far), have a wonderful wife and two fantastic kids and besides mucking in SharePoint all day, I’m also a dedicated Computer Consultant, solving all the Business Technology problems thrown at me, whether I like it or not, through my company, itgroove Professional Services Ltd, based in beautiful Victoria, BC (on Vancouver Island). Read more about our Remote Consulting and Collaborative Training for SharePoint and how we can help you out today!
I was awarded (April 2009) with the ‘Microsoft MVP’ award for SharePoint Server, and this is now my 10th year as an MVP. This is a great honour and one that I intend to live up to. You can learn more about the MVP program and my status, etc. in the bullets below:

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  • You can follow me here on Twitter.
If you haven’t gathered yet, I have a Man Crush on SharePoint and sincerely believe it to be the most important collaboration tool any business can (and should) be using today. I’m dedicated to learning everything I can about SharePoint and specialize in providing SharePoint solutions in the SMB space, as I feel it is often ignored (not everyone can afford MOSS … yet).
I have a real problem with the term ‘SharePoint Expert’, as I believe it to be a term nobody really should use to refer to themselves. The product is too broad, too far reaching and important, for anyone person to know it all. So instead, I like to refer myself as a ‘SharePoint Specialist’ or if I’m looking for a laugh (or pity), as a ‘SharePoint Jedi’ – i.e. I am knowledgeable of the ‘living force that is SharePoint, but I’m constantly learning (and yearning) for more.
At night, between hanging with the family or trying to pretend I have other hobbies, I’m also a drummer in the band SuperSauce. Check us out sometime, we don’t suck.
I’m also working on building awareness of SharePoint and Office 365 in Victoria through the “VicO365” Office 365 Users Group.

Sean Wallbridge

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