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The Cloud Disruption Story – Business Accounting Deck

April 20, 2017

Thanks to all those that came to hear me ramble on about our QuickBooks adventure/transition to QuickBooks Online.  My slide deck is provided here for all to enjoy.

Is Outsourced SharePoint Assistance an Expense… or a Good Business Investment?

June 18, 2012

We’ll admit it: This is a little bit of a loaded question. Certainly, retaining a good SharePoint/technology partner is an expense, in the sense that you will receive an invoice from time to time. But at the same time, as with many business expenses, a quality outsourced and experienced SharePoint/IT partner doesn’t just cost you Read More

Why Good Hardware Doesn’t Ensure Good Networking and Communication

May 21, 2012

Given that you can’t have good technology without good technology, a lot of business owners and managers assume that having the best, top-of-the-line hardware naturally assures that their company will have great networking and communication. That’s not always the case, however, and even spending huge amounts of money on having the latest and greatest hardware, Read More

One Reason Billable Hours Usually Cost Less Than You Think

April 1, 2012

Is good SharePoint (and/or General IT) support from an outsourced company expensive? The answer to that question depends a great deal on who you ask, and on the perspective you take on the value of a solid IT provider. Allow me to explain: Simply looking at the hourly rates most experienced, professional IT providers ask Read More

Sean’s Consulting Wisdom, Nuggets … or Perhaps Just Noise of the Day

March 28, 2012

While my attitudes and approaches to things sometimes change, here are a few things that I believe lead to a happy consultant, business and customer. Keep your inbox tidy (and your work life less cluttered and stressful). Emails should get one of the following actions: Acted on immediately, if it takes less than 5 minutes Read More

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