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Navo - Global Navigation for SharePoint, Teams and Office 365

Navo Explained

December 12, 2019

We think Navo is amazing and we are going to kick off 2020 showing everyone why and how. Microsoft Teams integration and extensions for the Chrome and Edge Chromium stores are coming very soon and we already have the most robust, simplest to deploy and flexible SharePoint Global Navigation that exists today for SharePoint Online. Read More

Navo How To – Adding a new item to your Navigation

November 13, 2019

Adding a new item (resource, bookmark, shortcut, whatever term you prefer) is very easy in Navo. This video briefly demonstrates taking the URL of a rich SharePoint page providing company location details and making it easily discoverable in Navo. This item then becomes immediately available across your organization (or it can be secured to a Read More

Navo – Microsoft Teams Private Channels mean more SharePoint Sites

November 5, 2019

So Microsoft Teams “Private Channels” is pretty much here. From what I can tell, it means that we might create less teams going forward, but ultimately then more SharePoint Sites. That’s cool (okay, maybe not cool but fine…). But the fact remains, with more SharePoint sites, how the heck do we get around and find Read More

Office 365 Groups (And Teams) contain members … not other groups! So why all the confusion?

May 26, 2019

In this video, I try to illustrate why there seems to be this misconception that Office 365 Groups (and as such, Teams and modern SharePoint Team Sites, based on Groups) can contain Security Groups (or any other types of groups). They can’t. So stop that train of thought… 🙂 Microsoft Teams DOES allow you to Read More

Site Collections for the Win

June 1, 2015

I did a presentation for the Victoria SharePoint User Group recently and presented on the importance of Site Collections over webs (sub-sites).  I also played with “Prezi” for this presentation instead of going the traditional PowerPoint route.  Have a view if you want…     If the embed above doesn’t work, use this link: http://prezi.com/z3ja1vebo1v4/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share

Preparing your people, processes and systems for SharePoint 2013

August 9, 2012

There will no doubt be countless blogs, articles and rants about preparing for SharePoint 2013.  I’m doing my own because, well, I need to store stuff as I come across it somewhere.  But if I can contribute in any way or with a different approach, I might as well give back to the community as Read More

If there was ever a blog post to start with, regarding the vision of SharePoint 2013

July 25, 2012

If there was ever a blog post to start with, regarding the vision of SharePoint 2013, you should at least read Jeff Teper’s post (straight from the top man): http://sharepoint.microsoft.com/blog/Pages/BlogPost.aspx?pID=1012. If you read between the lines… Search and Find’ability is more important than ever as is Social and the SharePoint team has invested in that. Read More

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