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How to Stop Notifications from OneNote on updated content

June 16, 2016

So this just started yesterday for my mother.  And when Mom calls, you get back to her right away, or she starts ringing our office until she finds someone (or me). All of a sudden, an in yesterday (June 16, 2016), my father and I (and her) started getting email notifications every time she updated Read More

Office 365 User Group – May 2016 Edition in 360 Video!

May 20, 2016

I bought a 360 Video Camera the other day. Seemed like a fun idea.  Still finding ways to get value from it.  Today, it is sharing our most recent Office 365 User Group Meeting sessions in a complete, Spherical video so you can “be there”.  Enjoy. Unfortunately (or fortunately ;), the camera turned itself off Read More

OneNote can now search closed Notebooks

January 21, 2016

Yep, been waiting for this one.  The OneNote team are being a little coy about this one, either because they are super modest or don’t want to make a big splash until they’ve worked out some bugs. Check it out. You can now search OneNote notebooks (at least today in iOS) even when they are Read More

Killing them softly with OneNote…

September 29, 2014

OneNote rocks my world.  And I rock my wife’s world. Well, er, more to the point, I’m trying to rock Wendy’s world.  Wendy hates technology.  But she’s coming along.  I’ve already got her in OneNote planning our trip to Ontario and she even sends me the odd link to a page that she is working Read More

First 5 – List of Favourite Features in OneNote

June 26, 2014

Co-authored by Kelly Marshall and Sean Wallbridge, SharePoint MVP How can you not love OneNote? We do! It’s a free download and works across every device and operating system that matters to us (i.e. everything except Blackberry). Sean loves that he can relax on the couch and use his iPad to jot down ideas into Read More

Top 5 Section Suggestions for the OneNote New User

June 25, 2014

Co-authored by Kelly Marshall and Sean Wallbridge, SharePoint MVP There are a few key OneNote pointers we cover whenever we deliver an orientation to a new hire. We’ve had several new hires recently so we’re self-proclaimed professionals at rocking the Microsoft OneNote orientation now. OneNote “noobs” are grateful for these basic suggestions as it can be daunting Read More

Where to Store Your Microsoft OneNote Notebook – and Why

June 24, 2014

Co-authored by Kelly Marshall and Sean Wallbridge, SharePoint MVP First rule of working in OneNote is: you do not talk about… Yeah right! We can’t shut up about OneNote. If you’re looking to join the OneNote club, the first thing you need to do is decide where to store your Notebook. And for collaboration’s sake Read More

OneNote Goodies. So nice, needs to be said twice.

August 2, 2013

The Microsoft OneNote Team has already blogged about all the features in the new OneNote “Onetastic” add-on created by one of the team’s devs (right on Omer!) and they chat it up here: http://blogs.office.com/b/microsoft-onenote/archive/2013/08/01/try-the-onetastic-add-in-to-bring-tons-of-new-features-to-onenote.aspx That said, I wanted to help spread the word as there is some good stuff in there (Jeff tipped me off).  Read More

Hey Video Card. OneNote To Do’s gets my CTRL+1 Lovin’, not you…

July 29, 2013

If you know me at all, you’ll know I’m a fan of OneNote.  At work I’m on a Surface Pro using OneNote all day.  On the road, it is on my iPhone and iPad. At home, it is on my Lenovo Yoga. My Lenovo Yoga however was driving me batty.  It has an Intel Video Read More

Oh crap, I nuked the Notebook Link in my new SharePoint 2013 Team Site

July 27, 2013

I got a query from a friend today, let’s call him Scott to protect the innocent. He said… I did something stupid and deleted the “Notebook” link off my main site in Office 365. How do I create a new one? I think I’m over thinking this somehow… What? Scott is referring to this bad Read More

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