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itgroove Welcomes the Microsoft Cloud’s Arrival in Canada

May 10, 2016



Victoria, BC – itgroove has been eagerly awaiting the Microsoft cloud’s arrival in Canada. Microsoft announced today (May 10th, 2016) that the general Canadian public will now have the option to store their data on Canadian soil in Microsoft’s two Canadian datacentres, located in Toronto and Quebec City.

This is a significant development for public and private sector businesses and organizations, including the Canadian government, who must abide by data sovereignty and keep their sensitive information within Canadian borders. For those groups, cloud hosting was previously not an option.

This is huge news for our clients and businesses in Canada. Now with barriers to entry down, Canadians can access huge value with a fixed cost and data integrity”, says Sean Wallbridge, owner and principal consultant at itgroove Professional Services Ltd., the leading Microsoft Cloud specialists in Victoria, Canada.

The Microsoft cloud infrastructure will also positively impact the Canadian economy by creating more jobs in Canada. Canadian businesses that switch to the Microsoft Canadian cloud will benefit by gaining access to greater security and higher computing performance that large data centres can offer at a lower cost. When businesses save money and time, they can reallocate their resources on company growth and benefits to their employees.

In addition to secure, private data, Microsoft’s cloud solution, Microsoft Office 365, packages collaboration software and services into predictable monthly subscription plans that include access to the latest versions of the Office Suite, Exchange Email, and SharePoint Online. Businesses that use cutting edge technology are able to stay current in the global marketplace and translate their productivity into innovation.

To learn more, read the announcement in Microsoft’s Office Blogs or check out the official Microsoft Canadian Datacentre website.

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