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Stuck Waiting for Support from your IT Department?

Waiting on IT to find room in their budget or time in their day for your project?
The truth is your IT Department needs to reserve their IT budget to keep your business technology healthy and online. And when they are not spending their time responding to technology emergencies, they are working to implement organization-wide changes to your SharePoint and Office 365 environments to improve security, performance, and productivity.

Stop Waiting for Help… Get the Support You Need Today!

Let’s face it – making business technology tools work for you requires time and money.
SharePoint and Office 365 projects originate in the IT department, but it doesn’t have to stay there. Becoming self-reliant is the key to eliminating wait times.

You can achieve this by using your Department’s budget to purchase your own pool of hours to be spent on SharePoint and/or Office 365 projects that matter to your department.

Give your Finance Department a budget request that is straightforward and simple to approve with an itgroove Coffee Card so you can start solving your SharePoint problems today.

Pre-paid “Coffee Card” Services Budget

What You Get

  • Fixed month agreement for a set number of hours (i.e. six months for 60 hours).
  • Pool of hours to be used for any of our Professional Services.
  • Our best hourly rate and our lowest billing increments.

Why You Want It

  • Convenient way to pay for our professional services.
  • Blended rate for any of our services delivered by any of our consultants.
  • Minimal paperwork reduces wait times and makes it easy to re-load your balance.

How to Use It

  • Project work – Get changes made to your SharePoint or Office 365 when you want them – now!
  • Ongoing support – Phone-a-friend to answer questions or get straightforward advice.
  • Coaching sessions – Transfer knowledge to in-house champions to support your business unit.


  • Full payment required in advance.
  • Hours do not carry over. Hours must be used before Expiry Date.
  • itgroove will select a “burn rate” – a maximum number of hours that can be requested in a given month.

Datasheets and Sample Agreements

For more information about our pre-paid Coffee Cards, check out our datasheets:

Contact us to discuss terms of pre-paid Coffee Card – including details about hourly rate, billing increment, total hours, and burn rate.
Contact us for more information.

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