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Apple's iPhone Event 2017:

What are your thoughts on the announcements from the 2017 Apple event?

September 16, 2017

Apple introduced the new iPhone 8, iPhone X, and the Apple Watch Series 3.

Sean Wallbridge says:

I’m excited to have the X form factor. Not much bigger than the 8 physically, but the screen is actually bigger than the 8+. I’m taking another go at the watch now that v3 is here and some of the camera functionality coming is something to be very happy about.

Louis Warren says:

I think ZDNet’s quote sums it up the best: “The iPhone X is basically Samsung’s Note 8 plus Animojis”.

Noel Feliciano says:

I liked the X. Unfortunate that Touch ID’s falling by the wayside, but understandable due to the removal of the home button. I like the screen with less bezel, I like Face ID (they blew past that first failure pretty smoothly; it happens), I like the look of it even with the notch, and I like how they’re handling not having a home button with the gestures from the bottom and the top corners. Also very happy that they’re finally on Wireless Charging. I’m hoping they can build on that a little more for the next iteration, which is likely the one I would go for.

Al Rosenthal says:

It’s unfortunate that the face recognition didn’t work during the presentation. Seems like it might be a glimpse at things to come? I’m certainly looking forward to watching people on the bus getting frustrated at their phones for ignoring them.

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