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What do you want for Christmas this year?:

What do you want for Christmas this year? It can be tangible, or intangible.

December 13, 2017
Sean Wallbridge says:
  • World Peace
  • Trump impeached
  • Very expensive and hard to find Scotch
  • A pony
  • Buy some stuff from this Wish List (and ensure it gets shipped to the right place, you’ll see as you go through it).
Stephanie Kahlam says:
  • Crispy fried chicken ?
  • Peaceful world toleration of each other… cause c’mon, we have to start somewhere
  • Shoes as cool as Sean’s
  • More chicken ?
  • “Real support” during a support call
  • An adjustable heated office chair
  • An itgroove Studios long sleeved t-shirt
  • Better relations between Darren and Alexa
  • More office Xmas videos by Sean
  • Office karaoke party ?
Karin Skapski says:
  • A watch. I know my phone tells the time, but I like the idea of having a watch – especially when I’m trying not to look at my phone, like out for dinner with friends etc.
  • Candles. I’m a bit basic like that. Nothing like lighting some candles, sipping a warm mug of tea or glass of red wine, and relaxing.
  • Donations instead of “stuff”! You know those presents people get, just “stuff” for the sake of buying things to give each other? This year, my friends and I chose to put that money toward donations for charities we care about. You can never regret helping those who can’t help themselves, and the feeling lasts a lot longer than the high of new “things”.
Noel Feliciano says:
  • Ice cream. This local subscription service sounds mighty tempting. But really, any ice cream will do.
  • A bug-minimal holiday for all of our projects
  • For 2018 to have just a few more happy moments than 2017 internationally
  • A steak dinner
Rodrigo Fernandez says:
  • Happy people
  • The world dancing together
  • Never ending supply of free almonds (all flavors)
  • For my sister to be cautious of her health

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