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What was the first piece of technology you owned?

November 27, 2017
Stephanie Kahlam says:

I had a Lite Brite as a child, then a TV, and then a Walkman, and listened to my first cassette tape which was the Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams”.

Darren Jarvie says:

My first piece of “real” technology was a Radio Shack CoCo II PC. It had a portable 14″ colour TV for a monitor and a cassette player for storage of your data. The keyboard was built in. Here is an image of almost exactly my set up. I loved it!


Karin Skapski says:

The first piece of technology that our family owned (aside from TV and landline) was our giant, beige computer that ran Windows 95. Our grandparents bought it for the family, and it was the first computer we owned. I spent a lot of time playing CD-ROMs… particularly the Magic School Bus ones, which were educational and fun (the Solar System one will always be my fav). The games that were included with Windows 95 were great too – namely Chips Challenge, SkiFree, Asteroids, JezzBall, Pipe Dream, and Rodent’s Revenge. We didn’t have internet until a few years later when email became more mainstream.

D'Arcy Cunningham says:

First technology I “owned”: Atari 2700 and a Macintosh 128K.

Liam Workman says:

I had a Windows 3.1 PC.

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