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Microsoft Ignite 2017: Orlando, Florida:

What do you think about the announcements from Microsoft Ignite 2017 in Orlando, Florida?

October 8, 2017
Sean Wallbridge says:

While Windows AutoPilot will mean taking some work away from the IT space, it is an important move towards getting users onto cloud supported (and rocking) machines faster, with less friction and starting to be productive right away.

The SharePoint announcements were of course the most exciting, including the fact we get our own conference again (Ignite is nuts – too big, no intimacy, just noise – like a big Twitter, in a series of buildings – blech). Specifically though, Hub Sites, UX stuff getting in place, the OneDrive restore points (badass) are all things that we need, soon.

Karin Skapski says:

I’m looking forward to using the Hub Sites. We’ve implemented a very similar concept for our clients for as long as I’ve worked here, but the pages require technical knowledge to modify (e.g. if you want to add or remove News or Events from the page, or change the colours, or the order of where each “widget” so to speak appears). It’s exciting to me that we’ll be able to rollup content across multiple site collections and easily make it look beautiful, instead of relying on subsites for rollup functionality, and custom code for our styling. Also how cool is it that we can drag and drop in modern sites?

D'Arcy Cunningham says:

Announcing Edge is prone to crashing probably isn’t what they were going for…

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