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Event Registration System Empowers Staff to Easily Manage Events


The Abbotsford Police Department (APD) provides policing and community protection to the City of Abbotsford located just outside Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They have over 200 sworn Officers, 100 civilian staff, and 80 volunteers. A key administrative task for APD is to coordinate and manage event registrations. In addition to mandatory training events such as Firearms Recertification training, APD also offers a wide array of voluntary events for sworn Officers, civilian staff, and volunteers to participate in. With dozens of offerings each month, voluntary events produce hundreds of registrations every year for staff to manage.


Registrations for voluntary events were tracked manually by one person, using a combination of paper-based sign-up sheets and an Excel spreadsheet, which required large amounts of time to manage and maintain. APD wanted to find a more efficient solution for managing voluntary events that could be used by multiple staff to announce events, share information about events, and manage registrations to these events. It was important that the solution integrate seamlessly into their existing Intranet system, automate their internal processes, and be modified easily as their business requirements evolved. They did not want another data silo or a complex, custom-coded solution that would require them to hire in-house development expertise to manage, maintain, and modify the system.

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