Flexi Tiles

Why? Because your SharePoint Web Part pages should look great at all sizes and on all devices.

Description & Tech Specs

itgroove’s Flexi Tiles solution is all about making your pages look good. SharePoint uses Web Parts and Web Part Zones to allow you to add blocks of functionality to your pages. The problem is out of the box pages can quickly become unruly. White space appears as the Web Parts grow to different shapes and sizes, the page width is fixed and doesn’t adjust well to smaller screens, and sometimes Web Parts even start to overlap.

The Flexi Tiles solution treats the screen as a grid. It calculates the best place for each Web Part based on its size. It's more than just responsive to different screen sizes; it's intelligent. It figures out the best layout, treating the various Web Parts as tiles and placing them appropriately. As screen sizes or device orientation changes, the tiles slide around and rearrange themselves to the new space. Build smart, beautiful dashboards and pages in minutes and let Flexi Tiles do the work for you.

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