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Why? To shorten your long links and personalize them with a custom domain, without having to leave SharePoint to do so.

Description & Tech Specs

Some URLs are simply way too long. Be it because they are linking to http://www.yoursite.com/MySubsite/Year/Month/Directory/Category/HeresMyFile.pdf or some 2 page long encoded URL fed to you by SharePoint or OneNote, nobody wants that.

Whether you are sending it off to a person, or embedding it in a page, itgroove's Link Shortener for SharePoint provides the option to significantly cut down the URL length and give you a permanent redirect to your link. This solution allows you to shorten and personalize your links, using your own custom domain.

You can insert the Link Shortener right into a SharePoint page, or as a modal that pops up into focus with the click of a button.

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