Promoted Links Awesomizer

Why? Because Promoted Links are useful but not awesome. Make them awesome.

Description & Tech Specs

Out of the box, SharePoint has a feature called "Promoted Links", used to spice up the most common links your team will use. The issue is, the default solution is very bland - it will resize any image you provide which can skew resolutions, and uses the default background colour as per your scheme.

With our solution, you can search a gallery of icons, find one that suits you, decide on a color for the icon and the background, and have it up in seconds. This makes keeping a consistent look and feel across all your sites a snap, and it doesn't hurt that the icons are ready for high resolution screens.

  • Use Google's icon library to find the perfect icon for your tile
  • Customize the colour of promoted tiles using hex color codes
  • Harmonize your look and feel
  • Once implemented, anyone can use this solution (with minimal training)
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