Why? Your signature says a lot about you and your business. Being consistent across all platforms is important.

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You want your branding and messaging consistent whenever you communicate to your clients. Already have Office 365? This is an easy next step.

Managing signatures is hard enough when you have a growing number of staff, all of whom are manually managing their settings right in Outlook. Factor in that an ever increasing volume of email is coming from mobile devices within your organizations, and signatures quickly deteriorate into a mishmash of "anything goes". 

itgroove can help you create one common signature and make it work across your email clients, your mobile devices, and webmail. The signatures are managed at the organization level and use properties right from your user account settings. Users no longer have to setup their own signature, and because the signature is added after it leaves the device you have the ability to add rich content no matter what platform is being used.

We can help you get it in place within a week for a fixed monthly cost. 

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