Staff Directory

Why? Because finding and contacting your peers in SharePoint isn't as easy as it should be.

Description & Tech Specs

Modern organizations are more reliant on ever than collaboration. To make this possible, employees need to know who’s who, how to contact each other and be able to quickly put a face to a name. While SharePoint gives some great capabilities to search people, often organizations are looking for a more visual “rolodex” of the team. itgroove’s Staff Directory makes this possible by displaying the user data already within SharePoint in a way that is highly visual, easy to navigate and customize.

  • The staff directory uses SharePoint Search, Content Search WebParts and Display Templates to retrieve and display the data without any server side code
  • Data is pulled from the User Profile Service
  • Using SharePoint Search Refiners, the directory can easily be customized to provided filters for Department or other user properties
  • The display templates can be customized to display other properties
  • Clicking on the user takes you to the Delve (SharePoint Online) or My Site (On-Premise)
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