Swag Store

Why? So your departments and employees can purchase or acquire promotional products in a way that looks hot, is easy to use, and easy to manage. 

Description & Tech Specs

Many organizations have promotional items or “swag” that departments and even employees want to purchase and utilize. Instead of keeping track of these transactions over email, we can set up a "Swag Store" in SharePoint to manage these items.

The Swag Store itself is made up of a collection of lists, workflows and display templates. The Inventory List manages all of your products in the store. The Orders List gives you details of the orders that you need to manage - including the purchase total and status of the order. We also set up an Admin page for the store manager where they have a "dashboard" of sorts to manage their inventory, manage product images, and view pending orders.

On the user side, the Swag Store looks like many familiar online stores. Simply click on what you want to buy and choose "Add To Cart". You can browse and add or remove items as you please. When you're ready to "Check Out" your items, you can. This will send you a confirmation email, as well as notify the store manager.

The Swag store doesn’t handle the exchange of money. It is made to create records for inter-departmental transfers or billing.

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