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itgroove \ ‚ī- ‚tē- ‘grüv \
noun: to have fun with technology
itgroovin’  \ ‚ī- ‚tē- ‘grüv-en \
verb: doing IT with style

itgroove is spelled with a lowercase “i”, especially at the start of a sentence.

The “groove” in itgroove evolved out of Sean’s passion – music. Originally branded as “making technology dance to your tune”, the company’s byline changed during rebranding to “making it work for you.”

Sean Wallbridge with Marty the Marmot - Royals Mascot


Established in September 2003….

Owner and principal consultant Sean Wallbridge founded itgroove in late 2003 as a one-man home office business. His original focus was delivering remote business technology support to international business owners, helping them improve their business processes. Over time, maintaining existing on-premise systems and networks for local small-to-medium business (SMB) clientele quickly became his forte.

As Sean’s interest in Microsoft SharePoint increased, so did the company’s reputation as the leading SharePoint shop in town. As the demand for SharePoint support increased, the company expanded. Sean and Darren Jarvie teamed up in 2006. Louis Warren joined in 2008. Next came Kelly Marshall in 2013, followed by Stephanie Kahlam, Bruce Norman Smith, Matt Longpre in 2014, and Alec McCauley in 2015. In 2016, Karin Skapski and Noel Feliciano were hired. Finally, D’Arcy Cunningham joined in 2017, and itgroove reached its current state as a team of business technology professionals.

The team continues to expand their expertise and shift the scope of their services as businesses look to Cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365 to provide affordable and scalable solutions. This ongoing investment in cutting-edge skill development has allowed the company to remain agile to the shifting needs of the small-to-medium business technology consumer. Despite changes in staff and offerings, the company has built a consistent reputation for delivering technology support that works for its customers.

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