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Integrating Business Tools to Bring the Big Picture to Collaborative Project Planning


The Craigdarroch Castle Historical Society’s Executive Director, John Hughes, is overseeing a growing portfolio of projects as part of their five-year plan. To prepare the organization to manage multiple, multi-year, cross-department projects, Hughes reviewed their internal processes. The lack of a cohesive system prevented John from being able to visualize the big picture, quickly track risks and the health of each project, or see a concise summary of project status updates or next steps.


A large amount of project information – including risks and updates – were stored in people’s heads, in paper notebooks, and on staff’s computer desktops. Each of the four Department Manager on his team each used a different combination of tools and systems to organize and manage their personal work tasks, their internal department projects, organization information, and team communications.

A considerable amount of John’s time and effort was spent obtaining information from the team through back-and-forth email communications or telephone tag. Weekly in-person team meetings were organized to share project updates; however, these were challenging to coordinate due to staff’s busy schedules.

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