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General Project Assumptions:

Client Responsibilities:

  • Client shall designate a Project Primary Contact representative to be the focal point for all communications relative to this project. They shall have the authority to act on Customer’s behalf in matters regarding this project.
  • Client shall respond to information requests in a timely fashion. Any changes requests will be submitted in writing in a timely fashion or additional charges may apply.


  • Client subject matter experts shall be made available to answer questions and provide information concerning the project throughout the process (including define and validate requirements, and provide usernames and passwords, network design, existing Customer processes, IP addresses, etc.).
  • Client shall provide itgroove with accurate information. Inaccurate information may add time and cost to the project.
  • Client will provide unencumbered remote access for itgroove consultant to connect to any necessary environments as needed including network, servers, end‐users’ PCs and systems (i.e. SharePoint, Office 365 and SQL Servers, etc.) via local Administrative accounts where necessary.
  • Client shall inform itgroove in advance if adequate and reasonable access is not available or such access requires authorization and/or provisioning.


  • Client agrees to always provide and maintain properly licensed software and products. Client understands that itgroove may refuse service if software does not appear to be properly licensed.
  • Client will have all additional required licenses purchased and available before commencement of project.
  • Client is responsible for providing customer‐owned or licensed copies of any customer or third‐party software that itgroove installs on the Client’s behalf.

Pre-Existing and/or Customized Environments:

  • Client accepts responsibility for all unexpected complications that occur as a result of all major and minor customizations performed in-house or by third party vendors prior to commencement of work by itgroove.
  • Client will divulge all major and minor customizations to out-of-the-box (OOTB) installations settings (including configurations to settings, solution/feature installs, etc.) in pre-existing environments to itgroove.


  • Client is responsible for ensuring viable backups of data are obtained before requesting service.

Testing and Troubleshooting:

  • When identifying issues/troubleshooting, Client will provide clear examples of the problems at hand so that solutions can be identified quickly (detailed descriptions, screenshots, etc.).


  • All itgroove consultants present in meetings are billable resources and will charge for their time, unless otherwise specified. This includes meetings not listed in this work breakdown that are requested by the client.


  • All work shall be scheduled and performed during normal business hours as reasonably possible, Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm PST, excluding Canadian Statutory Holidays.
  • After-hours service is provided at x1.5 your client rate.
  • itgroove consultants can be made available within 10 business days of signed agreement unless start date otherwise stated below.
  • itgroove consultants require a minimum of one weeks’ notice to book their time for meetings and project work.
  • itgroove consultants reserve the right to move blocks of scheduled project work time around in their calendar without notifying the client as long as agreed upon number of hours is completed within agreed upon timeframe.


  • Client acknowledges that itgroove does not guarantee that project completion dates will be met, or that desired outcome will be achieved, but will make every conceivable effort to complete work by desired project completion date.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Client will provide itgroove with of a minimum of one business days’ notice prior to cancelling a scheduled meeting or consulting engagement in order to avoid a cancellation penalty.
  • itgroove will charge for half the scheduled time as a “missed appointment”/cancellation penalty.

Change Control:

  • Any deviation from the scope and/or schedule in this Statement of Work may result in corresponding changes to estimated work effort, project price, timeline, responsibilities, deliverables or other provisions of the project. All changes will be accommodated by a written Change Request Form or a separate SOW as deemed appropriate by both parties.
  • Both itgroove and Client agree that any changes to the work breakdown in this Statement of Work will be documented in writing as a Statement of Work Revision that includes:
    • any adjustments to hours estimates in work breakdown,
    • any adjustments to timeline, project price, and deliverables,
    • acceptance from itgroove to perform the work,
    • authorized approval from Client for itgroove to perform the work.
  • It is the responsibility of the submitter to obtain approval for any change requests submitted. Submitter must confirm the work is approved by their employer or they have the authority to or the permission to approve it themselves. Statement of Work Revisions will not be acted upon by itgroove until Client authorizes the work to be performed in writing.

Please read our Service Delivery Policies page for more information.

Last Updated: July 18, 2016

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