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itGuardian by Fax

Dear itGuardian clients…

We are proud to announce that you can now receive your itGuardian materials by fax!

This is a service we have been quietly working on behind-the-scenes since 1997 and have just very recently completed. We hope this will move us one step closer to our goal of leading the tech industry.

For our premium itGuardian clients only, using itGuardian by fax, we will deliver your itGuardian Report Card and other materials directly to your fax machine.

Don’t waste any more time with email or Yammer, get them straight to paper at an ultra-HD fax quality resolution.

With optional Night Mode (additional cost), you will have the option to send and receive faxes as white text on black background.

“I’m amazed by the speed at which we can send and receive our materials over itGuardian by fax!”

Alec McCauley, itgroove Team Lead & Senior Consultant


“What an incredible innovation. I’ve been waiting for a breakthrough like this for years. I truly think this will revolutionize communication with our clients.”

Sean Wallbridge, itgroove President & Principal Consultant


“The fax machine noises lend the perfect, uplifting ambiance to our office environment!”

Karin Skapski, itgroove Consultant

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