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Adding an alias to an Office 365 Distribution Group

December 16, 2015

This one might be common knowledge, but it stumped me for bit so I thought I would make a post.

Adding a group through the Office 365 admin center only give you one option for email addresses.

Alias Office 365

As in you cant change if from your default tenancy address.

Alias Office 365

To do it like you normally would you need to do it from the Exchange admin center –> groups.

Alias Office 365

Alias Office 365

There you can select from your other Domains.

Alias Office 365

And then once created add the emails like normal from email options.

Alias Office 365

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  1. Johny says:

    With all due respect, I think you made an interpretation error.
    First, you create an ‘Office 365’ group, which does not allow modification of the mail address.
    Via the Exchange admin center, you did not again select to create an Office 365 group, but a distribution group. These are quite different types of groups

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