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itgroove Link Lengthener

Do you miss the good old days when SharePoint URLs were multiple pages long?

Do you feel like these newfangled link shorteners are robbing you of your happiness? We have the solution for you! The itgroove Link Lengthener will take any plain link and jazz it up.

For example,




No longer will you have to suffer with boring, easily distinguishable URLs. Add some flair with the itgroove Link Lengthener.

“URLs are better when it takes time to scroll through pages of gibberish text to get to the end. No one wants to read a book that’s only a page long – that’s why shorter URLs don’t make sense!”

Matt Longpre, itgroove Consultant


“My URLs used to be so easy to remember – just about anyone could go to them! Now that I’ve used the link lengthener, I feel like part of an elite, exclusive club.”

Kelly Marshall, itgroove Consultant


“I used to spend hours in a work day finding ways to lengthen my URLs. The itgroove Link Lengthener does all the work so I don’t have to anymore.”

Bruce Smith, itgroove Consultant

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