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I am a SharePoint consultant working for itgroove Professional Services located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia Canada. I am a recent “consulting convert” having come over from the IT Administrator side. My previous life was as a systems admin, developer and CIO in the education world (specifically K-12).

This blog is me writing about what I know. I am passionate about SharePoint and Office 365 and passionate about its application in schools. This blog will focus on these two passions as we explore the power of SharePoint and Office 365 in the education landscape. From time to time it will expand more into general SharePoint and Office 365 topics but for the most part I will try to tailor it to an education IT Pro and IT Leader audience.

We will explore SharePoint and Office 365 and how they can be tailored to be successful in education. I truly believe that there is huge power behind what SharePoint can bring to the classroom and I think one of the implementation barriers it faces is that what is seen up front at first glance is very business focused. I hope this blog can help you move past some of these hurdles.

We will explore everything from the pedagogy and student experience side, to more in-depth technical how-to’s, and tips and tricks. We will focus on SharePoint and Office 365 but we will also talk significantly about one of my favorite products – OneNote – as well as dabble in Exchange.

I hope you find it a useful resource. Please enjoy!

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Alec McCauley

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Alec McCauley

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