Rodrigo Fernandez

Rodrigo Fernandez

Rodrigo Fernandez


Proud Team Member Since 2017

Favourite Quote:
“Peace begins with a smile.” – Mother Teresa

Rodrigo is a salsa dancing, mountain bike riding techie. He’s been a technology geek since the 3rd grade. He vividly remembers the day when CD burners came out: instead of going to the Friday night football game, he chose to go buy a CD burner and geek out on it.

Armed with an MBA and a BS in Computer Science, he is equipped with the technical aptitude to understand what technology can do and how to communicate with organizations. He gets a thrill from helping organizations of all sizes optimize and become more efficient with their technology.

He can’t live without almonds, salsa dancing, good friends, prayer and good sleep. His favorite place to visit and hike is the Grand Canyon. He enjoys learning and thinking, and enthusiastically keeps up with the latest tech trends. He tries not to be too picky about food; he will try anything edible at least once.

Most importantly, Rodrigo believes in treating others how he would like to be treated: with respect, dignity, and grace.

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