Shelby Ludlow

Shelby Ludlow

UX Specialist & Developer

Proud Team Member Since 2018

Favourite Quote:
“It is well known that a vital ingredient of success is not knowing that what you’re attempting can’t be done.” – Terry Pratchett

Working through challenges is something that Shelby enjoys. Being able to break things down, whether it be a small problem or a difficult project, and figure out how they work is an experience she appreciates. With a background in Visual Arts and Computer Science, Shelby works as both a designer and a developer, making sure code doesn’t just work, it works beautifully.

Graduating from the University of Victoria from the Computer Science/Visual Arts combined program, Shelby has experience as a software developer and UX designer, and likes to fill the gap between the two. With experience in multiple programming languages, frameworks, and design tools, Shelby fills a niche area with a wide variety of skills.

In her spare time, Shelby enjoys creating costume armor for conventions, going to the boardgame cafe, and in general being a giant nerd.

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