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PSConfig: The IncomingUrl is already present in the collection in a different zone

January 10, 2017

I recently encountered the following error message when running the Products Configuration Wizard (psconfig) in SharePoint 2013.


Exception: System.ArgumentException: The IncomingUrl is already present in the collection in a different zone.  A url may only map to one zone at a time.  Use a different url for requests from this zone.


Although I had a number of Alternate URLs setup in the SharePoint farm, it turns out that none of these were causing the issues (I removed each of them, and the error message didn’t go away).


Instead, this farm had a bit of a peculiarity which was causing this issue. The farm was a 3-tier farm (1 SQL, 1 APP, 1 WFE) and previously the App server on this farm had died, so it was removed from the farm. In order to get Central Admin working again, central admin was added to the WFE of the farm. We now had a 2-tier farm instead (1 SQL, 1 WFE – with CA).


Unfortunately, although the app server had previously been removed, the farm still thought the APP server was part of the Alternate Access Mappings in the “Default” zone (see below).




To resolve this, I had to run the config wizard and remove central admin from the WFE server (leaving me with no Central Admin), followed by rerunning the config wizard and adding Central Admin back on to the WFE. This appears to have corrected the problem, and I ended up with a single Alternate Access Mapping with the WFE in the default zone.




This one was a pain to resolve, so I hope this helps someone else out there to save a few hours some time.


3 Responses

  1. Thomas says:

    Thanks Colin, that helped me a lot!! 🙂

  2. David says:

    Actually, you could have just removed the AAM mappings that were offending. Then just run the configuration wizard and it would have completed as expected. Perhaps better than remove CA from server, I was still able to navigate to CA even though it failed.

  3. J Herschel says:

    Thank you Colin, it did save me a few hours. Patching SharePoint prod at 10pm, found your page and quickly fixed the error. thanks for posting!

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