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How to Tell Which Version of OneDrive You Are Using

February 27, 2017

The managing consultant at itgroove, Alec McCauley, shared this handy link in the itgroove Yammer Network this weekend. I know I’ll be wanting to reference it in the future to help friends, family, and clients with sorting out if they are using the new or previous OneDrive for Business sync client.   Why do I care Read More

What Happens in OneNote 2016 When You Rename a Folder Where a OneNote Notebook File Lives

November 1, 2016

I use folders in my OneDrive for Business to help me manage my sharing permissions. I want it to be very clear what should be shared, and what should not, for example my private Microsoft MVP NDA Notebook. Recently I realized that it would be easier to have all my Notebook-related folders together in one bunch. Read More

How to See Your OneDrive for Business Storage Usage

May 26, 2016

What: Before I installed the “next generation” sync client, I wanted to see how much of my storage allotment I was using in my OneDrive for Business site collection. I expected to see the information somewhere in the OneDrive for Business usage interface, but no luck. I did some light research and discovered: The first Read More

Resolving OneDrive for Business Sync Issues Due to Files Name Issues

July 22, 2014

Sync issues suck. There are few things that feel worse than seeing the warning message pop up alerting you that that your files aren’t syncing correctly. Data lose is scary, and data recovery is a headache. I’m lucky to be surrounded (literally) by a team of Technology Consultants who can assist if I run into trouble. The average Read More

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