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Restore Image to Original Size in OneNote

April 1, 2015

My colleague at itgroove Alec McCauley pointed out a quick tip that I had never noticed before. When you take a screenshot or screen clipping using SnagIt and paste it into OneNote from the SnagIt Editor, if the image is wider than the visible OneNote screen area, OneNote will insert a smaller sized image. If you Read More

Using Outlook to Cut/Paste, Annotate and Post Screen Clippings into Yammer

February 4, 2015

In my last post (“Drag and Drop Files into Yammer”) I showed off my new fave feature of Yammer. The inspiration for the post came from a colleague wishing for the ability to cut/paste images right into the post field in Yammer, eliminating the need to save a file to the desktop and upload it. The Read More

Easily Putting OneNote Screenshots into Snagit Editor

July 10, 2014

I use OneNote so frequently that some of the program-specific keyboard shortcuts have become hardwired into my habits. (How frequent you ask? We’re talking 8+ hours a day.) For example, taking screen clippings via “Send to OneNote” using the Windows + S keys is a keyboard shortcut combination I use at least 20 times a day… Before OneNote came Read More

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