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How to Stop Calendar Events in Emails from Automatically Opening in the Windows 10 App

February 23, 2018

I’ve been running into this weird glitch where whenever I open a meeting or event invitation in an email to add it to my calendar, it opens in the Mail App opens instead of Outlook 2016. #annoying After the # time of adding calendar invitations through the lightweight Mail App when I wanted to be in Read More

Keyboard Shortcut – How to Snap a Window to the Side of the Screen in Windows 10

March 10, 2017

I covered this keyboard shortcut back on October 18, 2013 in a blog post called Keyboard Shortcut to Dock a Window in Windows 8. The keyboard shortcut hasn’t changed in Windows 10. However I continue to meet clients that have not yet discovered this keyboard shortcut and have been using their mouse to fiddle with the Read More

Converter Tool in Windows Calculator

June 17, 2016

I discovered a really simple, but super helpful tip recently while attending a Victoria App Developer User Group meetup, run by my friend and Microsoft MVP for Windows Platform Development, Jan Hannemann. He had fellow Microsoft MVP for Windows Platform Development Mark Schramm over from the mainland to present on Adaptive UI in UWP. Mark did a stellar Read More

Windows 10 - How to Forget Wi-Fi Network - 06

How to Forget a Wi-Fi Network in Windows 10

May 25, 2016

Well that wasn’t obvious. I was struggling last night as my Surface Pro 3 would not connect to the internet. I went through the troubleshooting checklist I’ve compiled from advice from various  colleagues at itgroove: Disconnect Surface from Wi-Fi network. Reconnect. (No luck.) Turn off Wi-Fi. Turn it back on again. (No luck.) Restart machine. (No luck.) Hard shut Read More

Setting OneNote Desktop as Default Version in Windows 10

September 28, 2015

UPDATE – June 1, 2017: Some small wording changes and an extra screenshot have been added to make the instructions as clear as possible for all readers. Situation: My itgroove colleague Colin Phillips, author of the SharePoint MMMan blog, was experiencing an odd behaviour with OneNote 2013 (desktop) after upgrading the operating system on his Surface Pro to Windows Read More

Advice for Businesses Thinking About Upgrading to Windows 10

July 16, 2015

Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 10, will be available on July 29, 2015. itgroove has attempted to answer some of the key questions businesses may have about moving to Windows 10 in this short video starring my co-worker and Office 365 MVP Robert Dick: Windows 10 – Advice for Business Adopters from itgroove on Vimeo. Interview with Senior Consultant Read More

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