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Modern Business Phones

Did you know that phones can make the most of cloud technology, too? Once you’re on Office 365, you can look at replacing your archaic, antiquated phone system with something that is integrated into Office and available on every device – including mobile phones and tablets. Choose how you want to take calls, with the ability to use a handset, headset, and your smartphone.

Say goodbye to clunky, old fashioned onsite PBX systems, and hello to modern, cloud business phone systems.


Skype for Business Integration

Cloud business phone systems can be integrated with Skype for Business to leverage its technology. Forward calls to your mobile device. Transfer calls to your Skype for Business contacts. Communicate with contacts inside and outside of your organization using instant messaging and video conferencing. Send files instantly. You can even use Skype for Business through its app on your mobile phone.


Mobile Device Support

As more and more employees choose to work remotely, mobile device support becomes increasingly important. We can help you find a phone setup that works seamlessly with mobile devices. Tired of having to carry around two phones all the time (personal and work)? With cloud business phone systems, calls can be forwarded with Skype for Business – meaning that if you’ll be away from your desk, you can be reached without giving away your personal number (and the need for a second cell phone). The Skype for Business app allows you to IM with your coworkers even when you’re mobile.


Flexible Pricing

The software as a service model used for cloud business phone systems means that they are noticeably more affordable than traditional phones. For example, an on premises PBX system often requires an expensive upfront fee with limited room to adjust if your company expands or downsizes. When it’s time to upgrade, you’re hit with another steep bill. A lot of companies will guess what they need years down the road when they may expand – which means that you may be stuck paying for something that your business doesn’t even use.

With cloud business phone systems, you only pay for what you need. The software as a service model used for cloud business phone systems is highly scalable, meaning that no matter how your company changes, your phone service can easily change with it. Plus, you’ll always have the latest and greatest in technology, because updates are rolled out to all customers as soon as they are available.


Get Started Instantly

Are you tired of the old way of business phones? Looking to get set up with a cloud business phone system right away? Give us a call at 250.220.4575 or fill out our¬†contact form. We’re ready to get it working for you.

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