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Typology may set better expectations than Taxonomy

February 27, 2017

I’ve always struggled with the “MECE” (mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive) promises of taxonomies. It can be easy to confuse a Department in the HR reporting structure called “Logistics” with the corporate Function for “Logistics”.  In my practical experience the Function of Logistics is useful where staff from other business or administrative groups may be Read More

Audited Events in Office 365 strengthen basic RM

February 7, 2017

Some of the IM and compliance folks out there may like to know there is a great searchable list of audited events for #O365, including admin events (link). From a pragmatic point of view, for basic #recordsmanagement, the fundamentals are: (1) create the right record at the right time with the right business context metadata, (2) Read More

Does SharePoint Manage Records?

May 16, 2014

Digital records management seemed fictional for most organizations even as late as 2013.  Joe Shepley of Doculabs threw out the challenge that no one was really doing it right, “The problem is bigger than SharePoint – Now before I get accused of bashing SharePoint here, let me let you all in on a dirty little Read More

In the beginning…

April 10, 2014

Hello Blogosphere! My name’s Bruce Norman Smith, nice to meet you. Check out my: LinkedIn: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/brucenormansmith Personal Twitter: @Bruce_N_Smith itgroove Twitter: @itgroove_bruce I’m a professional member of:  AIIM  ARMA International (Vancouver Island Chapter, Vancouver Chapter)  Association of Canadian Archivists  Archives Association of British Columbia Check back weekly for some Information Management and Microsoft SharePoint and Office musings.

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